A professional manufacturer that develops and produces high-quality hot runner systems including: Various hot runners and its accessories such as hot runner, hot sprue, temperature control box.

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Dedicated to Develop and ProduceHot Runner System

Up to 90% standardization of hot runner accessories, with reliable high quality

Four Advantages of Channel and Hot Runner

A professional manufacturer of hot runner system

  • 01 8 years of technological accumulation

    Doho's products are widely used in industries such as engineering plastics, precision structural components, medical, multicavity, thin-walled, automotive, and home appliances. Direct sales by manufacture, with over 18 years of industry experience, provide you with reliable hot runner products.

  • 03 On time delivery

    Doho specializes in producing hot runner systems using standard part inventory. Through feedback from our previous customers, we can save 30% of our delivery and after-sales time compared to our peers.

  • R & D production manufacturer of thermal flow channel system
  • 02 High standard technology

    Select high-quality materials, use high standard technology, to ensure product with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and good thermal conductivity. Provide comprehensive technical support, a technical team consisting of design and development, production and processing, and after-sales service.

  • 04 After-sale service

    At present, our products are best-selling all over the country. We provide high-quality pre-sales technical support and after-sales tracking services to every customer, providing 24-hour attentive service. Our products are guaranteed for one year and have lifelong maintenance.

  • Application Cases

    Our products are widely used in industries such as precision structural components, home appliances, automotives, electronics, packaging, medical, and daily necessities

    Introductionto Doho Company

    18 years dedication to hot runner

    Dongguan Daohe Mold Parts Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Daohe Mold Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that develops and produces hot runner systems. Founded in October 2006, it is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, a strong town in precision mold manufacturing. The founder of the company has many years of work experience in a foreign-funded hot runner company. With reliable technology, stable quality.......

    Dongguan City Daohe Mold Accessories Co., Ltd.
  • 18

    18 years of industry experience

  • 5000

    Over 5000 square meters workshop plant

  • 100

    More than 100 professionals

  • 1000

    1000 Industry application cases

  • 24

    24-hour service

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